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Glass Railings

Most houses have either interior or exterior railings and quite commonly, both. Railings can be installed in a wide range of material, style, and colours. Some people can find the numerous options overwhelming, others may already know exactly what they want for their home. One type of railing that is rapidly increasing in popularity is glass. They give a truly unique, clean and individual look, which is appealing in every home.

American Custom Iron Design can offer you a beautiful glass railing design for your home. We are the best glass railing manufacturers in the business that pride ourselves on customer satisfaction. We have designed our process, from the first consultation to installation to be as easy, and as straightforward as it possibly can be. We give each of our clients a customized and personalized service. We use our 20 plus years of combined experience, knowledge, and skill to take every aspect into account. We guide our clients through the process and create the perfect railing for you, your home and your style.

Advantages Of Glass Railings Toronto:

  • Durability – glass railings are much more durable than people realize. They’re made from tempered glass which is tough and can withstand damage. In the event that there is breakage, tempered glass doesn’t break into points, making it safer than regular glass.
  • Protection – exterior glass railings provide a barrier from the outside elements. They’re protective against snow, rain, and winds, so you can still enjoy your outdoor area, while remaining warm and safe.
  • Customization – glass can be customized so you can choose tints, colours, and more. As well as the glass itself, there are many options for the installation hardware for your railing. We can help you customize your glass railing to match the style and decor of your home.
  • Privacy – glass railings can be customized to give you privacy. This can be particularly beneficial for outdoor railings.
  • View – glass can also offer an unobstructed view of your surroundings. They can make smaller spaces seem larger, and they also work very well for open plan homes.

American Custom Iron Design has worked with many property owners, and glass railing contractors in Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area like Mississauga to create stunning glass railings. Our railings are made from high-quality materials and are installed by professional installers.

You can contact us today for a consultation, to arrange a measurement taking the appointment, or if you simply want more information on our services. A member of our glass railings Toronto team would be happy to discuss your options with you.

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