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Aluminum Railings

Hire American Custom Iron Design to install quality aluminum railings on your property. We provide the best aluminum railings Toronto service and to the regions surrounding Toronto. Our vast experience of 20 years in the industry as one of the top aluminum railing manufacturers has allowed us to meet every demand of our clients.

We keep up to date with new products, innovations, and the changing trends within the housing market. Every project needs final touches, and railings are one of the most important. The railings need to work with the property design, and the homeowner needs to have peace of mind that they have been installed to a high standard. We work with engineers, architects, and building contractors to ensure that your aluminum railings are truly spectacular.

Benefits of Aluminum Railings

  • Aluminum railings look amazing and can suit any design, but there are several other major benefits as well.
  • Aluminum is a ‘green’ metal. It’s environmentally friendly material and is recyclable.
  • Aluminum is durable and isn’t susceptible to corrosion. This makes it weather resistant, tough, and suitable for all environments.
  • Aluminum railings are low maintenance. They don’t need much on-going care, other than a clean once or twice a year.
  • They’re very affordable. American Custom Iron Design can provide you with high-quality aluminum railings at a very attractive price. As well as a lower initial outlay, because aluminum railings are low maintenance and long lasting, the cost of caring for them long term is also much cheaper.
  • Aluminum railings are strong. Aluminum is strong, versatile and non-ferrous. It doesn’t rust, rot, expand or shrink in extreme temperatures. It’s extremely safe, so you can rest assured that your railing choice is among the strongest materials in the world.
  • Aluminum railings are highly recommended by so many contractors and professionals. In fact, many contractors consider them to be the number one choice to add the perfect finishing touch to any building project.
  • American Custom Iron Design has worked with a great number of clients, delivering high-quality aluminum railings with professional service. We work with our clients to meet deadlines, and make sure that the entire process is stress-free and seamless. From consultation to installation, our team strives to meet and exceed your expectations.
  • If you would like more information on our aluminum railings Toronto services or a quotation for your project, contact us today.

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