Wrought Iron vs Wooden Furniture

When furnishing a house or outdoor area, the types of materials the furniture is built from will play a major role in the decision process.  Although furniture has been built from wood since time immemorial, there has been a trend of late to use wrought iron as the main furniture building material.  This becomes even more true when it comes to outdoor furniture. This article will go over some of the benefits of choosing wrought iron furniture over that made of wood.

Design Possibilities

As the name implies, wrought iron is usually worked by hand.  This gives the material a range of design possibilities that’s only limited by the imagination of the builder.  And although many pieces of wrought iron furniture are built using molds, there are endless possibilities for hand worked final touches.  There are plenty of wrought iron designs that are simply not possible with wood. This allows for unique pieces that can fit into any individual style.  


Wrought iron is nothing if not durable and long lasting.  When compared with furniture composed of wood, iron will last much longer in a wider variety of conditions.  Whether your furniture is exposed to children and pets, humidity and moisture or extreme weather conditions, wrought iron will withstand these forces much better than wooden furniture.  With a simple powder coating, wrought iron is resistant to rust, scratching and minor dents. The same can’t be said about wood.


The fact that well maintained wrought iron furniture will last almost forever means that it’s a great investment.  You won’t be needing to replace the furniture because of broken pieces, weathered wood or cracked boards. Other materials may be cheaper, but they won’t last as long as wrought iron.


As opposed to wooden furniture which needs to consistently polished, waxed and sanded down, wrought iron furniture is relative maintenance free.  Cleaning is easy and the iron is stain resistant. Once wrought iron receives a protective powder coating it’s virtually indestructible. The composition of wrought iron means that when used outdoors it won’t be affected by high winds, rain or other inclement weather - the same of which can’t be said about wood furniture.


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