How to Make the Most out of a Small Balcony

When living in the city, private outdoor space is at a premium.  If you’re lucky enough to have a balcony attached to your residence, the likelihood is that it’s on the smallish side.  However, just because your outdoor area is tiny doesn’t mean that you can’t make it both functional and fashionable. This article focuses on how to make the most out of a small balcony.


No matter how small your balcony is, you’re going to want some kind of furniture to make the space useful.  At the very least you’ll want a place to sit and an area to set down your coffee and book. If you plan to use the area for outdoor dining, a small table will also come in very handy.  Pick a couple of stylish, yet functional pieces that relate to what you see yourself doing most on your balcony. If there’s still some room available after placing a couple of pieces of furniture, you’re doing well!


Now that you have some furniture, you can add accents to make the whole balcony feel that much more inviting.  Consider placing an outdoor rug to add some colour and increase the comfort factor. A small water fountain can add some soothing white noise to counter the sounds of the city.  A light source, even just a string of fairy lights, can also create a calming ambience before or after the sun goes down.


Make the most of the outdoors and add some plants to your balcony.  If space is truly at a premium, consider hanging planters on the balcony rails.  Keep in mind the amount of shade and sunlight your balcony receives before purchasing any plants and buy according to your specific conditions.  If you like to cook, a herb garden is the best way to get added use from your plantings. If you have even more room, you could try and grow some vegetables as well.

Extra Functions

You can also use your balcony as extra space for when you have guests over.  If you’re hosting a dinner party and you don’t have room for everyone to dine outside, consider setting up a mini bar or appetizer table on your balcony.  A balcony also makes a perfect place for grilling or an area for people to gaze at the scenery or city view.

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