Benefits of Iron Handrails

If you have stairs on the outside of your home, handrails will be a necessity.  In fact, they may be a legislated necessity in your area.  Regardless of legalities, handrails will ensure your stairs are safe no matter the weather.  Wrought iron makes an excellent material for outdoor stairway handrails for a number of reasons.  In this article, we’ll go over five of the benefits of iron handrails.


Iron is a strong and heavy metal that can last for decades if properly maintained.  Iron can withstand all types of weather while providing something sturdy to grab onto in case of a slip or fall.  A good paint job on a wrought iron handrail will not only provide some style, but it will also enhance the material’s durability.


Wrought iron handrails provide safety when it comes to stairways.  If you have young children or older people using your stairs, a strong and sturdy iron handrail is essential for keeping the users safe.  Even for those who are healthy and active, a handrail can come in very handy during inclement weather or in the case of a misstep or slip.


Wrought iron can be custom built into a variety of shapes that are only limited by the imagination.  Because iron is a malleable metal, coming up with intricate curls and angles is quite easy for an experienced iron worker.  Adding custom made wrought iron handrails will beautify your stairway and your house.

Curb Appeal

Wrought iron handrails are an attractive, yet functional accessory for any outdoor stairway.  They can significantly increase the curb appeal of your house while providing safety and service.  Their chunky good looks will make your house appear solid and sturdy while increasing its value.


Although wrought iron railings won’t be the cheapest option available to you, they will provide excellent value over their lifetime.  Because they’re sturdy and durable you won’t find yourself replacing them every couple of years.  With a bit of preventative maintenance you can expect your wrought iron railings to last you for decades.


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