8 Reasons Aluminum Railings Are Perfect for Staircases

When choosing a material for a new staircase railings, there are several options available.  Traditionalists might choose wood or wrought iron, but there is a strong case for using aluminum as the building block for modern day staircase railings.  This article will go over eight reasons why aluminum railings are nearly perfect for staircases.


Aluminum has a unique formation that makes it as strong as steel but without all the excess weight.  Aluminum is a highly durable metal that can last over 30 years.  Its ability to resist water, air, wind and UV rays makes it rust resistant without any painting necessary.


As a result of aluminum’s low density, it’s incredibly light, especially when compared to steel or iron.  This makes transport and installation a lot easier.


Aluminum has quite a modern look meaning that it ages well and does not become dated.  There are several choices when it comes to colours, textures and finishes making it a versatile building material.  The manufacturing process allows for endless possibilities when it comes to configuration and design.


Aluminum is an almost maintenance free metal.  Because it doesn’t rust there’s no need for sanding, waxing, or varnishing.


Aluminum is fireproof which means your staircase railings won’t contribute to any fires.  If anything, they would help inhibit the spread of fire.


Aluminum is an easily recyclable material meaning there’s a built in sustainability.  Rather than take old staircase railings to the landfill, they can be taken to a recycling station for melting down and reuse.


Aluminum is the third most abundant element on earth after oxygen and silicon.  It is also the most plentiful metal in the earth’s crust.  From a sustainability standpoint, aluminum is a top choice for metals


Aluminum is easily anodized.  This means its subjected to an electrical circuit which increases the thickness of the metal’s oxide layer.  This process makes aluminum highly rust resistant and increases its ability to withstand wear.  It also allows paints and primers to adhere much more easily.




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