3 Types of Famous Fences

You might think it absurd that a fence could be famous, but many of the world’s best known properties and spaces are ringed by fences that may be more familiar than what they’re protecting.  More than just being famous, well known fences can give you ideas for your own property. Take a look at some of these world famous fences for inspiration before you go about erecting your own.

The White House

The White House’s first fence was originally a post and rail structure that was installed in 1801.  In time it evolved into several versions of a wrought iron and stone fence that lasted until the 1930s.  In 1937 the wrought iron fences were swapped for a steel fence featuring tall spears. Beginning in the 1970s the White House fence started being fortified with steel gates, barriers and concrete bollards.  Anti climbing measures have since been installed along with systems for detection of any intrusions. Although you may not need all the security measures used by the White House, there is still an element of fashion that goes along with its function.

Buckingham Palace

Buckingham Palace and its sentries are protected by a famous and ornate fence on the palace’s east side.  The wrought iron fence is decorated with golden spikes, ornate lamps and the royal coat of arms. Inside the fence the famous daily changing of the guards takes place.  The palace was originally built in 1826 as commissioned by the Duke of Buckingham. You can tell when the queen is in residence if the royal flag is flying from the top of the palace.  Once again, the security measures used at Buckingham Palace are probably more than you need for your own home, but you can learn from the decorative effect the fence has on the overall structure.

Wild West Fences

Fences from back in the day before the invention of barbed wire were rather primitive affairs.  However the wooden posts and rails were functional in achieving their job of keeping livestock penned.  Their old school style can give a modern home a certain atmosphere if one is trying to achieve a western theme.


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